It All Started When

Our founder, Burak, at the age of 14 discovered something magical in his bedroom while trying out a few computer commands. He could change the background of his screen to a wide variety of colors with a long string of commands! His first thought was “I have to share this with all my friends!”

Through this experience he learned how picking the right color for each person was a process, and he had the passion and perseverance for it. When the codes on the screen were just right, the perfect hue of a beloved red, green, or blue would impress his curious audience.

As the years passed, his love for people and technology grew. In 1998, he started Chat Tech Solutions with a strong drive to bring this mysterious yet magical computer world to people and businesses in the area.

Our fan base grew over the years, and so did our team with like-minded, colorful souls. We love bridging the gap between you and technology. Our team is passionate about meaningful results. Helping small businesses find the magic in technology is our biggest source of motivation and reason for success.


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